Accurate money.

How much does quick access to money cost?

The costs consist of only two parts: the account maintenance fee of 9.90 Euro / month (if you used an advance payment this month) and the commission for access to the payout.

Accurate money is a money at your request. You send us a request for the required amount, and the next day up to 80% of the payout amount will be in your Amazying account. Because the commission is calculated for each day of use (0.15-0.25%), then you can manage your expenses and take finances only for the period and the amount that you need. Absolutely transparent conditions without hidden fees and with projected costs.

How do you make the calculations?

When an application from you comes to us, using the guest access, we check the Payout of your business account and if you set up forwarding payments from Amazon to our current account. After confirmation, we transfer funds to your bank account, which will be available to you on the next business day. After the money comes from Amazon to our bank account, we keep the amount of the advance and commission, and the rest of balance is immediately transferred to your address.

Is it a loan?

We are not a bank and we do not issue mortgages at 3% per year. Our product is created for other purposes.

If you need a loan for a large amount in order to start a business on Amazon, it may be more profitable for you to apply for a consumer or business loan (if you find a bank that will issue a loan for online trading). We are a payment system that provides instant access to money already earned by you but temporarily unavailable. You can instantly get finances and also easily close it from the nearest receipt. In other words, you use as much money as you need and therefore do not overpay.

What are the advantages?

  • Issue of financing upon request of the client
  • Commission is 0.15% - 0.25% for the advance balance up to a day
  • Loan servicing repayment based on choice: full or in parts
  • You get daily savings: less the balance - less the commission
  • You didn’t use our service the whole month? - You don’t pay any commissions or fees
  • Accumulate the required amount on payout and take an advance only if necessary (for example, to pay the supplier).
  • We calculate commission every day, more you repay less the commission.